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Joyeria La Cubana

Charm with green bear design 10k gold and zirconia.

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Introducing our 10K Green Bear Charm, a whimsical treasure weighing 2.7 grams. This charming charm features a playful bear design adorned with a vibrant green accent, adding a pop of color and cheer to your collection. Crafted from exquisite 10K gold, the intricate detailing captures the spirit of nature's beauty while showcasing the charm's uniqueness. Versatile and lightweight, this charm can be easily added to a bracelet or necklace for a touch of personality. With the 10K Green Bear Charm, you're embracing a piece that not only adds a stylish flair but also tells a story of individuality and joy. Redefine your charm collection with this exceptional piece that captures the essence of nature's wonders and your own sense of fun.